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A Beginner's Look at the 6 Meridian Stretches

At the end of our sessions there is always at least one little bit of homework, if not a couple things I am going to send you home with to further you on your path to wellness.

One of the most common things I send home as homework is the Meridian stretches. Each meridian stretch applies to stretching and opening up the energy pathway that is connected to the organ network that is associated with it and each of those with the element associated with that meridian.

Metal - Lung/Large Intestine

Earth - Spleen/Stomach

Absolute Fire - Heart/Small Intestine*

Water - Kidney/Urinary Bladder

Supplemental Fire - Pericardium/Triple Heater (San Jiao)*

Wood - Gallbladder/Liver

*Fire has 4 organs attached to the element, thus breaking it into Absolute and Supplemental Fire.

If you struggle to remember them when I show them to you after your session, you can click this link to go to a beautifully made article explaining each one and even a sequence of how to do them all together if you are interested. There are multiple videos and very well written out explanations of how to do each stretch and some variations.

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