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Services Offered

Image by Jessica  Lee

Shiatsu sessions are priced as followed:

Reiki and Craniosacral is used frequently in Shiatsu sessions with receivers permission or can be an entirely separate treatment for the same prices below.

  • Let Go - Loosen, Unwind, and Let Go with this intuitive 60 minute session freshly tailored to help you release tension in the mind, body, and spirit. An experience helping you to let go of the day and be present with who you truly are and are meant to be.

In-Office $120 / Out-Call $140

  • Trance - Loosen, Unwind, Let Go, and Enter Trance. An intuitive 90 minute session freshly tailored to bring you to new levels of balance harmony throughout your life. A healing experience that will have you floating out the door.

In-Office $150 / Out-Call $170

(331) 979-1687

870 E Higgins Rd. Suite 141

Schaumburg, IL 60173

Please be patient with us as we are continuing to build our website. Personal Training and Shamanic Healing will be listed soon.

Image by Natasha Holmes


Feel free to select from the following add-ons to make your experience unique to you:

  • $10 - Aromatherapy - With certification in AromaPoint therapy, we will use different essential oils on specific AcuPoints to help facilitate a deeper means of relaxation and overall wellness.

Referral Program

For healing modalities - Every 3 people you refer to me that book and come to their session, you will receive 1 free 60min session.

For personal training - Every 3 people you refer to me that commit and sign up, you will receive 1 free month of personal training.

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